Lone Wolf Mobile Bushcraft

Full Bushcraft Week

Imagine not only learning bushcraft skills but getting to live them out for a week in a simulated scenario. as a group of survivors you start off with limited supplies and only a general idea that somewhere ahead of you is a safe place to stay for a few days, in your group you must learn to live off the land and use your wits to survive but be aware, you may not be the only ones in the area. 

Minimum 5 people.


Digital Detox day 

Do you feel like you or family spend too much time staring at screens? TV, computers, tablets, smartphones and the like, spending too much time on social media and forgetting what the real world looks like? book a Digital Detox day with Lone Wolf, with this course you will spend the day completely away from the digital distractions of every day life, activities include mental and physical challenges plus the opportunity to cook over an open fire.

Prices start from £10 per person

Stag and Hen parties

Looking for something different to do for your stag or hen party? why not try a bushcraft themed party, imagine you and your mates spending the weekend in nature getting up to all sorts of mischief before the big day, building your own shelters, lighting fires, "hunting", seeing who has the strongest stomach with our special "delicacies" and more.

From £25 per person

please note: over 18s only 

please ring to discuss details 

Canoe bushcraft 

We have recently joined forces with Outdoor Hire Centres, based in Suffolk, so that you can combine the adventure of canoeing with the experience of bushcraft, transporting all the equipment we need in canoes to the overnight campsite, learning about the tools we will be using, finding all the useful plants along the river banks before getting to our overnight campsite and setting up camp before cooking over a campfire, finishing the next day by continuing our trip down the River Stour to Cattawade.

link to Outdoor Hire Centres here:

​www.outdoorhirecentres.com (opens in a new window)

Please note: Lone Wolf Mobile Bushcraft staff will not be responsible for actions on the water nor will they instruct any type of canoeing all canoeing is to be done at participants own risk.