Lone Wolf Mobile Bushcraft

Time spent in nature is rarely wasted 



"I once asked my Grandfather if he`d ever been lost in the woods.He gave me a perplexed look  and said, The woods are my home, how can I be lost when I`m at home?" ​(unknown)

At Lone Wolf Mobile Bushcraft we provide bushcraft sessions where you can learn skills such as fire lighting, open fire cooking, shelter building, tree identification and food foraging.

We can provide various levels of bushcraft sessions, 

Introductory, half day. (Wolf Pup):

ideal for birthday parties, these sessions include basic fire lighting, bread baking, introduction to tools (knives, axes, etc) and shelter building, these sessions usually last four hours. Please be Aware that these sessions are popular so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Intermediate, full day/overnight (Juvenile):

Ideal for Youth Groups, Adult Groups and those who want to experience a more wilderness based course. these sessions include fire lighting with an introduction to more advanced fire lighting techniques such as bow drills, preparing food and cooking over fires, introduction and use of tools, shelter building using tarpaulins and natural materials and basic food foraging. These session can last from six hours to overnight.

 Advanced, overnight/weekend (Wolf Pack)

​Ideal for those who have some experience or feel intermediate may not be enough for them. fire lighting using only fire strikers (flint and steel) and natural materials, cooking using minimum of utensils, use of tools, shelter building using only natural materials, food foraging, preparation and cooking. these courses last overnight.


Introductory courses:    from  £12 per person

Intermediate courses:   from  £17 per person

Advanced courses:       Please call to discuss