Lone Wolf Mobile Bushcraft

Offering adventure and Wild-ness to all

Learn bushcraft skills on one of our half day, full day courses or overnight courses, prices from £12 per person, click on the picture to find out more.

​We can also provide Team building activity days focusing on a particular learning outcome or just for fun, click on the link to find out more.

fully insured and CRB/DBS checked 

​​​​​"Time spent in nature is rarely wasted." Mention the word "bushcraft" to someone and the usual image that is conjured up is someone struggling to light a fire while the wind and rain whips around them. At Lone Wolf Mobile bushcraft we can disspell these myths with the courses we offer, whether that be at your own premises or one of our third party sites . Bushcraft is becoming an increasingly popular past time as well an effective form of alternative education, Lone Wolf Mobile Bushcraft can provide a insight in to both routes, we have fun days where the learning and self reliance aspects are stripped back or we can provide courses where the more technical aspects of bushcraft and survival can be taught.